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About Us


Our Background

Appuno IT Solutions is a multi-channel application development service. Our solutions will put your business ahead of your competitors and give you great online presence. With our custom apps you will have more customers knocking at your doors to give you business. We specialise in providing solutions in the domains of customized software development, app development, software licensing, open source software solutions, database management and IT training, to cite a few.

What do we deliver?

Appuno delivers sophisticated but scalable software systems that are meant to cater to the most demanding customers and market conditions.

Our Team

We have app developers on board who have a keen interest and massive talent in software development. We choose them for their specialist skills in web, desktop and mobile app to come up with clutter-breaking ideas that can be shaped into real products and solutions.

We encourage all kinds of innovative ideas, creativity and technical expertise in our development teams. We believe such risks are essential for delivering products of value to our clients.

With the help of our creative UI team; an exceptionally-skilled development team; and a smart digital marketing team we produce apps that don’t just look great but perform great too. Our expertise sets us apart from other vendors in the industry.

Our Partners

Doug Wood – Case closed Software

Appuno is a key technology development partner for USA-based Crime Technology Solutions, LLC. The software solution, Case Closed Software, is a popular investigation case management software for law enforcement, gang and drug task forces, federal agencies, and other investigative groups.

Appuno works closely with Crime Technology Solutions to provide expertise in research and development, product design, customer implementations, and maintenance and support services.

For more information on Case Closed Software, please follow the link:


Our vision is to become a world leader in delivering web success through mobile and web-based apps. We want to stay ahead of the game both in terms of usability and technological rigor.


Appuno’s mission is to deliver maximum business value to its customers by designing, developing, implementing, delivering and maintaining efficient software solutions responsive to their most basic business needs.