Why Choose Us

What Makes Appuno Different?

We try to understand your need and develop what is important for your business. We don’t push any technologies. We are only interested in pushing your business. We invest time and cost in developing best solutions at affordable cost.

Why Choose Us?

The biggest advantage with choosing Appuno IT services is that we provide both hardware and software components for an app. This is an important aspect of our service as it guarantees optimum efficiency in an app. It’s offered as a complete package.

In addition, our developers remain abreast with all the new and upcoming technologies. We work in both Microsoft and Open source realms. ASP.Net Application development suits clients who have existing Microsoft investments, while PHP application development works well with open source software that does not need close integration with Microsoft technologies.

Last but not the least, Appuno excel in producing unique, powerful, search-engine friendly and intuitive web and mobile apps irrespective of the technology used. Our diverse set of services implies we can assure you of an end-to-end service on all your application development needs. The outcome is a better-quality product, delivered faster, and at a reasonable cost.

Our Approach

Appuno takes a holistic approach to software architecture. If our apps do well in the market, it’s because we define system structure well in advance; brainstorm with the customer and meticulously identify tasks that have to be performed by each member of our project team, comprising of design and development experts.

At Appuno, we understand that applications need to be built on a strong and sure footing to serve specific, business requirements.

At Appuno, we design digital experiences with key principles and proven technologies. From user experience design to iterative development, validation, and final delivery, our approach caters to the needs, whims and fancies of individual clients.

How Do We Do It?

  • Functional Requirement Specification

    In this beginning phase, we take a complete download from the client and discuss threadbare each feature of the proposed app. In this phase, the project is completely understood, and SRS and functional documents are delivered with all the specs on how exactly the app will be tailored to match your specific business need.

  • Wireframe and Prototype Design

    This is the standard project execution process, wherein we develop wireframes for all user interfaces; create image designs of the pages and finally create prototype designs for client approval. The idea is not just to be aesthetically appealing but also functionally friendly. We are careful about taking clients’ approval on the designs and incorporate their feedback before moving any further.

  • Application Architecture Design and Database Design

    Project management personnel then walk into the picture to design application architecture and database design. This is done to satisfy the business logic in developing the app, on the basis of which we finally prepare Class diagrams and coding and the project is ready for execution.

  • Development

    This step must strictly abide by all criteria identified and set during the previous phases. The project manager keeps a watch on this during daily, weekly and monthly meetings, in order to ensure there is no deviation from the agreed-upon project goals, and development keeps a good pace and the app gets delivered to the client on time.

  • Testing and QA

    Our extremely proficient Testing and Quality Assurance team will test each aspect of the application separately and together to ensure that no feature is malfunctioning, so giving suboptimal results. This team ensures that the app performs to exact customer specifications and conforms to clearly-defined inputs and expected outcomes.

  • Deployment to Live Server

    This is the final litmus test – uploading the app to a live server.

    In the development phase, the project is deliberately broken into modules to test whether each part is functioning optimally. But once the development phase is over, the components are re-assembled and we announce a demo to the client for review and fine-tuning. This helps us identify and fix vexing issues in parallel, before it gets rolled out in the market.

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